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Switch Works Alpha 12 Digital Smart Switcher w/ 12 Outputs

Switch Works Alpha 12 Digital Smart Switcher w/ 12 Outputs

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12 Output Digital Accessories Smart-Switcher

  • 12 Fully Programmable Outputs Controlled by an LCD Touch-Button Display
  • 170 Amp Load Capable with 6 High-Current/6 Low-Current Outputs
  • Choose From 60+ Pre-Loaded Button Images or Upload Your Own
  • Power/Ground Direct Connections w/Weather-Proof Connectors
  • Solid-State Outputs, No Fuses or Relays Needed
  • Configurable Amperage Limitations Per Output
  • Weather-Proof: IP67 Brain and IP65 Controller
  • Hyper-Brite Display for Day/Night Mode
  • System Health / Hazard Warnings
  • Low Profile for Easy integration
  • Dual Function Buttons


Behind each individual botton is an LED screen. This means that you can digitally change your icon, and access menus through the buttons. From live-amperage readings, to button action setup, everything you need is easily accessible without the need of downloading an app.

  • LIVE AMPERAGE READINGS Holding the "Menu" button displays your real-time amperage draw so you can see the exact amount of power your accessories are currently pulling.
  • MACRO CONFIGURATIONS Whether you want your accessory to work with or without the ignition on, simple push ON/push OFF or one of the many other functional features, You can quickly and easily set the function for each output.
  • BUTTON ICONS/LOCATIONS The beauty of running an electronic solid state system. is your output location (the slot you wire your accessories) doesn't determine the button location. You can choose button 1 to control output 3, or 4, even both! The possibilities are endless.
  • AMP LIMITATIONS / PRIORITY SHUTDOWN Set the amp limitation based on the vehicle you install Alpha12 in. You can set priority shutdown in case your vehicle runs into any sort of voltage issue.


SWITCH Works comes with one controller and one brain which offers the 6 low-current and 12 high-current outputs. You can purchase a secondary controller or secondary brain for different configurations.

  • ADD MORE OUTPUTS Need more then 12-ouputs? SWITCH Works allows you to easily connect a second brain while utilizing one single controller, keeping your dash clean and clear of clutter.
  • CONTROL FROM DIFFERENT LOCATIONS In reverse of adding a second brain, you can also add a second controller to a single brain. One controller for the driver and one for the co-driver, or one controller in the cab and one in the bed of your truck.
  • APP CONFIGURATION We've made configuration as easy as possible. If navigating menus within the controller aren't your thing, you can simply download the PC app and upload your own custom icons, or configure your entire system. Can't figure something out? No problem. We can configure everything on our end for you, send you the file and you can upload it directly to your Switchworks sister via USB.

Instuction Manual:  SW-E12 Installation instructions.indd (

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