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Ranger Boxed Front Forward Arms Set Installed Black Thumper Fab

Ranger Boxed Front Forward Arms Set Installed Black Thumper Fab

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Looking to run larger tires on your Polaris Ranger? Thumper Fab has you covered with their Polaris Ranger Boxed Front Forward Control Arms.

These arms are the STRONGEST control arm ever made for a Ranger, and they'll move your front tires forward to accommodate a larger tire size. We deleted the ball joints and added a heat treated uniball bearing design for the ULTIMATE in strength. Ready for portals and BIG wheel and tire combinations.

Easy Installation We offer professionally installed bushings and ball joints for easy installation. When you select the options below, we take the hassle out of pressing in your bushings and ball joints yourself.

Utilizing our precision press operation, we are able to ensure your bushings and ball joints are correctly installed and not hammered or pressed in a way that would reduce their quality and lifespan.

OEM Bushings

We offer OEM bushings for a high level of quality, vibration, and harshness control.

Our uniball bearing replaces the use of a ball joint for extreme levels of performance and strength. Commonly used in harsh racing conditions. This ball joint delete design is the strongest control arm on the market for the Ranger. Period!

Installation and Tire Size Notes A small amount of grinding on control arm is needed to easily install the control arm. We provide detailed instructions on exactly how to do this. We have tested fitment with multiple tire sizes up to a 35 inch tire.

Varying tire sizes from manufacturers may require the use of a wheel spacer or larger offset wheel for proper clearance.

  • Ranger Boxed Front Forward Control Arms Set Installed Kit Black
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