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Thumper Fab

Ranger 1000 2018-2020 Weld On Extreme Sub-Frame Thumper Fab

Ranger 1000 2018-2020 Weld On Extreme Sub-Frame Thumper Fab

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The Thumper Fab Extreme Subframe Weld-On Chassis Sub-frame allows you to upgrade and& repair your bent, broken, or weak Front subframe on the Polaris Ranger chassis.

Brace yourself for the Only Front end subframe replacement you'll ever need. When the stock A-arm mounts have got your Ranger bent out of shape, reinforce your ride with a Thumper Fab engineered Extreme Weld-On Chassis Subframe for the Polaris Ranger.

Don't total-out your Ranger just because your control arm tabs bent! Go from Bent and Broken to Tough and Stokin! Cutting and welding required.

Computer Aided Design We have spent countless hours and multiple prototype revisions to make sure we have developed a bulletproof replacement for your control arm mounts and beefed up chassis subframe.

We designed the subframe to replace all weak links and to work with your OEM or Aftermarket Control Arms and Lift Kits with same model year fitment. Using the latest technology in 3D scanning and computer modeling software all aspects of the suspension and chassis geometry have been verified for precision fitment.


  • Excellent for Big Lifted Rangers with oversized tires for control arm tab mount strength
  • Greatly increase frame strength for running lifts, portals and big wheel and tire packages for mud, rock crawling or extreme usage
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