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Upgraded Wheel Well Protection
There’s nothing scarier than a log impaling your wheel well and ending up in your cab. Protect yourself and your passengers with Assault Industries' Polaris Xpedition Inner Fender Guards. They’re made with durable aluminum plating to shield you from even the meanest trail debris.

  • Prevents trail debris from puncturing the wheel well
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Doesn’t interfere with tires
  • Adds major style points

Durable Aluminum Construction
Assault designed these fender guards with 1/8” aluminum plating. Why aluminum? Because it’s super tough without adding unnecessary weight. And the slick honeycomb pattern adds rugged good looks to these Xpedition fender guards.

Rust and Corrosion Resistance
Fender guards have a hard job. That’s why Assault Industries treated these fender guards with a corrosion-resistant powder coat. No amount of mud or dirt will break these Xpedition fender guards down.

Installs Easily and Securely
These fender guards attach using OEM mounting points directly on your Xpedition’s frame. Even if they get slammed by dirt and rocks, they aren’t going anywhere.

Won’t Rub Tires
Thanks to their low profile design, these fender guards take up virtually no space in your wheel well. That means they don’t impact tire size at all.

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