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Whiptech LED

Multicolor spiral whip

Multicolor spiral whip

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The Spiral wrapped whip uses the same technology and as the traditional Multicolor LED whip.  The Spiral whip will allow you to use an Infrared Remote to select from the 20 preset colors, 6 DIY colors, and 5  programmed dynamic modes.  DIY Colors allows you to create and store a color that may not be able to with traditional single color LED whip.  There is 3x’s the LED of the traditional whip, with up to approximately 600 LEDs on  the 5′ whip.  Whip Tech multicolor spiral LED whip does not have external wires hanging off the side of the whip to maintain the smooth and clean lines of your Vehicle.  If fit and finish matters to you then this will be the perfect whip for you.  Select your size from 2′ to 5′ (the 5ft whip is actually 5 1/2ft tall)

We can also create a custom height from 6″ to 5′ 5″ for you just email us at and we will get back to you with a price.

All whips include a 44key IR remote to control the whip. Remotes are universal and can work on multiple whips and camp locators.

Car mount not included.

All our whips are assembled in the USA with parts manufactured in Southern California and LED strips coming from China, Like Every other Whip manufacture in the Market. Don’t Be fooled by any other statement.  This allows us to repair, warranty, and make custom sizes for you.

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