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Thumper Fab

LED Work Light Kit Dual 3 Inch Thumper Fab

LED Work Light Kit Dual 3 Inch Thumper Fab

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Dual Quad-row LED work lights with a fast and easy install. LED light pods are a great addition to any truck, as they provide an extra layer of safety and visibility while driving. These lights can help make sure that other drivers on the road are aware of your vehicle's presence, especially in low-light or foggy conditions.

Having LED light pods Installed on your truck ensures that you and any passengers inside will be easily seen by other motorists.

All in all, LED light pods provide an essential upgrade for any truck by offering superior visibility as well as increased safety for drivers and passengers alike- making them invaluable additions for any heavy-duty vehicle owner looking for enhanced protection on the road.


  • Dual Quad Rod
  • Easy install
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