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Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit

Kawasaki KRX Roll Up Tool Bag with 35pc Tool Kit

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PRP's Kawasaki KRX Roll-Up Tool Kit provides everything you need to fix your Kawasaki Teryx KRX or KRX4 out on the trail. This 35 piece kit includes a selection of high-quality ratchets, sockets, wrenches, extension bars, pliers, and a ball peen hammer (for when things get really fun). We've hand picked the exact tools that are needed most when working on a KRX - So you have only the essentials that you really need, without adding the extra weight of an entire tool box. Below we have listed all the tools included, along with a handy guide to the most common uses for each tool. Each tool also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Roll Up Tool Bag
4mmx3/8 - Skid plate, rock guards
5mmx3/8 - Parking brake, fenders
6mmx3/8 - Transmission drain
8mmx3/8 - Front diff drain, brake caliper
T40x3/8 - Brake lines
8mmx3/8 - Front diff, sensors
10mmx3/8 - CVT cover, trailing-arm guards, exhaust, electrical grounds, taillights, door latch, front brake lines, radiator
10mm End Wrench
12mmx3/8 - Front diff, parking brake, exhaust, fender braces, brake lines, seat mount, tilt wheel, CVT
12mm End Wrench
13mmx3/8 - Tilt wheel
14mmx3/8 - Brake caliper, motor mount, spark plug, bead locks, front sway bar
14mm End Wrench
15mmx3/8 - Rear bumper
15mm End Wrench
17mmx3/8 - Deep Socket Lug nuts, radius rods, shocks, sway bar, frame, A-arms, tie-rods, trailing arms, oil drain
17mm End Wrench
19mmx1/2 - Deep socket Ball joints, aftermarket lug nuts
23mmx1/2 - Tie-rods
24mmx1/2 deep socket - drive clutch
27mmx1/2 - Front axle nut, diff/trans fill
36mmx1/2 - Front/Rear axle nut
Phillips Screwdriver: Brake lines, door panels, shock guards, firewall
Flat Screwdriver - Hose clamps
Needle nose Pliers - Cotter pins, remove belt parts
Channel Lock
Diagonal cutter - Remove Belt Parts and open Amazon boxes
Ballpeen Hammer - Fixes everything
Adjustable wrench
Extendable magnet - nuts for primary CVT cage, grab any nuts that you drop
3/8 drive ratchet 
3/8 x 3" short extension
3/8 x 6" long extension - needed for clutch
1/2 drive ratchet - axle and clutch bolts
10mm x 60mm bolt - to spread rear pulleys




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