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GT 950EV GPS tracker

GT 950EV GPS tracker

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Looking to add a GPS tracking device to your UTV? This is it! Very user friendly, and  is a 2 wire hookup. 

GT950EV is rated IP67 waterproof  – GT950EV back up battery is 415mAh

This device is ideal to be install in all power sports equipment. This device is designed to report every 2 minutes of active run time. When the vehicle has come to a stop for at least 3 minutes this device will drop a pin of stopped location and time frame. This device can be ideal for checking on employees and locations. This device features a customizable low battery alert to any voltage setting. As well as Tamper/Disconnect alert. Geo-zones can easily be set with this device in any shape and size. All features are 100% accessible from the portal dashboard or through the phone application

Runs on Verizon & AT&T & Telus -  This IP67 rated device is Ideal for Side by Sides, ATVs, Sportbike Riders, Seadoo, Boats, Snowmobiles, Construction equipment or anything else that requires the harshest of enviroments to be tracked in. With the smallest overal height of all the devices makes it easier to hide. This device has a back up battery of 400mAh. Will have less dead spots being able to switch between carriers. Comes with 1 year subscription. Renewal cost is $24/year.
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