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General XP Boxed Front Forward Control Arms Upper & Lower Control Arm Only Raw Thumper Fab

General XP Boxed Front Forward Control Arms Upper & Lower Control Arm Only Raw Thumper Fab

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If you're looking to take your Polaris General XP to the next level, look no further than Thumper Fab's Boxed Forward Control Arms. These arms relocate the axle 2 inches forward for improved suspension geometry and larger tire clearance.

They're perfect for extreme trails and provide unmatched performance regardless of the terrain. Strength. Style. Great Ride!

Why a boxed A-Arm design? A boxed arm will give you increased torsional strength for the strongest control arm design possible. There is more to a Thumper Fab boxed control arm than meets the eye.

Underneath the steel cladding is a skeleton design that adds strength exactly where you need it and saves weight. Strength is important, but unnecessary weight increases your unsprung mass, and reduces your shock's ability to compensate. The Thumper Fab design adds strength and reduces weight for optimal ride quality.

Easy Installation We offer professionally installed bushings and ball joints for easy installation. When you select the options below, we take the hassle out of pressing in your bushings and ball joints yourself.

Utilizing our precision press operation, we are able to ensure your bushings and ball joints are correctly installed and not hammered or pressed in a way that would reduce their quality and lifespan.

OEM Bushings - We offer OEM bushings for a high level of quality, vibration, and harshness control.

OEM Ball Joints - We offer OEM high misaligned ball joints for a high level of quality, steering ease, and smooth travel with less maintenance.

Uniball - Our uniball bearing replaces the use of a ball joint for extreme levels of performance and strength. Commonly used in harsh racing conditions. Our patent pending control arm design allows you to run either a uniball or a ball joint for your desired use!

Keller Ball Joints - Keller Performance Products is very well known for the strongest UTV ball joint in the industry! Keller utilizes the best materials, hardened body and stem built from American made 4340 and hardened for maximum strength and wear resistance.

Adjustable and greaseable with a replicable boot. Lifetime Warranty.

Reuse bushings and ball joints - You also have the option to reuse your OEM bushings and ball joints. Maybe your General is brand new or in great shape. Our patent pending control arms allow the choice to reuse your OEM hardware.

We do recommend professional installation and the use of a press to ensure your original equipment can be removed and installed without damage.

  • General XP Boxed Front Forward Control Arms Upper and Lower Control Arm Only Raw
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