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Valor Offroad

Alpha UTV Tire

Alpha UTV Tire

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The Alpha deploys a non-directional, massive 20mm tread across nearly 9 inches of contact patch. That translates to extreme grip in virtually any terrain. Valor Offroad’s engineering team set out to develop a UTV specific tire that can handle any terrain, while being significantly quieter at high speeds. This was accomplished using tire tread harmony, which requires each tread block to be studied and slightly adjusted in both shape and width. These minor modifications make an enormous difference for anyone planning to travel for long distances on hardpack.   


Striking a balance between durability and performance can be tricky. That's why we have TWO compounds available in the Alpha to give you choices.

The H1 is a balanced compound with a 65A durometer rating that gives you the bite you want when you need it, and the durability to last for thousands of trail miles.

The H2 is a soft compound with a 55A durometer rating. This compound is exactly what you need for rock crawling or root busting.

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