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5150 Whips Inc.

Swivel Flag Clip for Bluetooth/Remote/Hyper Whips

Swivel Flag Clip for Bluetooth/Remote/Hyper Whips

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Here is our new top of the line flag clip for our bluetooth/remote/hyper whips.  These are machined here in USA and custom made of our bluetooth/remote/hyper whips.  360 degrees of rotation keep your flags from getting tangled up in the wind.  These are the nicest flag clips on the market.  Can hold up to a 3 x 5 flag.   Must specify 6 foot or 4 foot whips. (Sold as a set of two clips.  One set will do one whip.)

**Will ONLY work with bluetooth/remote/hyper whips**

***Does not include whip or flag***

***Only includes enough clips for ONE whip***

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